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Bug Valley Records

BUG VALLEY RECORDS sees itself as a music label with an integrated music publisher. We prefer to represent artists who are at home in the genre rock to heavy rock. Our label fulfills all the tasks of a sound carrier production, from recording in the recording studio to physical and digital distribution. We work with professional partners from the music industry to achieve the best results. The budget plays a major role here. Due to the digital transformation and the low income from streaming and downloading, compared to earlier days with very strong CD and video sales, it has become difficult for a music label to sustainably generate the advances invested in artists. For this reason, we try to work together with the artist to find the best possible financial solution for both sides in order to plan a release with full commitment.

Our music publisher BUG VALLEY PUBLISHING connects artists, songwriters and composers with the tasks of the music business. Either with the exploitation of rights with the collecting societies, with the artist management or in music law affairs. With BUG VALLEY BOOKING, our bands also have the opportunity to use our contacts in the live industry and to get to the next festival slot or club gig with an internal booker. In view of our many years of experience in the music industry, numerous contacts to producers, print and radio promoters, sales companies, booking agencies and live locations, we have the best prerequisites to get your stones rolling.