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Autumn Tree

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AUTUMN TREE is a German post grunge band from Mannheim, it was founded in late summer 2016 by founding members Denis Bopp (lead guitar), Aaron Kirsch (drums), Marcel Krüger (bass), Steffen Hennhöfer (rhythm guitar) and Kai Lutz (vocals). Two years later, in August 2018, the first EP “All You Need Is My Voodoo!” was released.

Finally, the quartet released their debut album called “AUTUMN TREE” in October 2019, which was also recorded in Tobias Katzenberger’s rooms at Maison Derrère. In advance, the band decided to release the single “I Know” with music video. The album also received a lot of attention in German radios and magazines.

Since the beginning of 2020, the band has been working with the Mannheim-based label “Bug Valley Records”, and the German tour planned for March 2020 had to be postponed due to the Corona pandemic.

Currently the work for the second album is in progress.



World in flames

(Single) 03-05-2024


(Single) 10-30-2020

“We all know that: the voice in the ear that tries to get you to do things that we shouldn’t do. For some, it’s just your own weaker self that binds you to the couch, for others it’s about more. The voice tempts people to steal, cheat, or maybe even murder. This is what SEDUCCIÓN is all about! It’s about trying to seduce us, flattering us with words until we do what we actually know is wrong. “(Autumn Tree)

Autumn Tree

(Debüt) 07-31-2020

“The guys from Mannheim, Germany put some wood in the stove and stoke the fire vigorously. Musically they bring in some grunge influences with a certain southern rock touch.” (Legacy) 

“Four gentlemen from the southern German states, more precisely from Mannheim, have absorbed some of the US counterpart for their debut and, in addition to heavy southern rock, moved in a garage and a roof made of grunge. A strong album that makes you happy is ready! “ (Slam) 

“The melodic guitar passages make the album a real experience! Well done guys!” (Hardline)


my summer video
my summer video