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Baxter, that’s melodic punk since the year 2000. “Between Punk and Bourgeoisie” marks the band’s 5th album overall. Following the EP “Dusk”, the punk rockers now emerge from the studio once more, clasping their 4th full-length album in their sweaty hands. Just as passionate, while even faster and distinctly gloomier, their new piece touches on topics like racism, climate change and broader social criticism without resorting to truisms – and without forgetting to stay relatable throughout. Written in 2021 and 2022, one finds variety, one finds tidbit, and one might also find a hint of a very ordinary urge to cope with an extraordinary time.



Between Punk and Bourgeoisie

(Album) 03-18-2023

The band was convinced by the very first song ideas to embark on the dream of a fourth studio album. In order to engage more intensely with the new song material than in the past, Baxter decided to take on the recording and producing process for the first time. This decision paid off. Lyrically, the album is darker than its predecessors. It features socially critical themes such as climate change, racism, or capitalism, as well as stories from life, autobiographical experiences, and even a self-reflection on the band’s history in the title track of the album. The 14 diverse tracks were all created between 2021 and 2022 and explore the entire musical spectrum of Baxter.