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BUG VALLEY RECORDS is a music label with an integrated music publisher.

Our label fulfills all the tasks of a sound carrier production, from recording in the recording studio to physical and digital distribution. We work with professional partners from the music industry to achieve the best results.


Modern vintage rock. An announcement. The band that goes with it is called RED COUNTY JAIL! In times when digitalization and globalization …

With Order 69 from Münster, Germany there is once again a breath of fresh air for everyone who likes handmade rock music …

On Netflix, 80s series like “Stranger Things” are breaking records, fashion labels are launching “80s retro models” every month and Mötley Crüe …

ROVAR from Münster, Germany play energetic, straight riff rock with bluesy influences, which is best enjoyed live. The 70s vibes cannot be …

“… a rock band from the southern United States? No, they are from Germany and only sound like that because they have …

Baxter, that’s melodic punk since the year 2000. “Between Punk and Bourgeoisie” marks the band’s 5th album overall. Following the EP “Dusk”, …

RAVENTADOR is a four-piece rock band from Germany. With their Southern Raven Rock they bring to the stage emotions that have become …

WHO BROUGHT THE DOG is an electronic rock band founded by Fabian Schwarz on guitar. The band is known for its diverse …

AUTUMN TREE is a German post grunge band from Mannheim, it was founded in late summer 2016 by founding members Denis Bopp …


Band: Order 69

Song: The Gambler & The Scrounger

Band: Supernova Plasmajets

Song: Lonely Hearts In The Night

Band: Baxter

Song: Dead More Than Alive

Band: Who Brought The Dog

Song: Live Love and Struggle


Song: Angelwitch

Band: Horsefly Rocket

Song: The Great Forsaker

Band: Rovar

Song: Thirst

Band: Order 69

Song: Fire and Fuel