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Bug Valley Records – Stay Rock!

Mannheim, Germany is a Unesco Music City, but unfortunately not a metropolis when it comes to rock music! Bug Valley Records was founded a few years ago (at that time the idea was born in a small apartment in the Kaefertal district of Mannheim) to promote this genre locally, nationally and perhaps internationally. At the beginning of 2020, thanks to the time advantages during the first Covid-19 lockdown, the project really took off.  

It quickly became clear to us that there are a lot of cool rock bands out there who are fully committed to the cause, but unfortunately don’t get enough attention. We at Bug Valley Records want to change that. We focus on sustainability and try to get the best from every release through our numerous contacts in the music industry, taking into account the financial means. Thanks to our teamwork with Bug Valley Publishing and Bug Valley Booking, we can offer our bands an “all from one source” package.


my summer video

Band: Rovar

Song: Thirst

Video from November 2020

my summer video

Band: Order 69

Song: Fire and Fuel

Video from October 2020