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Horsefly Rocket

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“… a rock band from the southern United States? No, they are from Germany and only sound like that because they have a US singer!” Grippy, melodic guitar riffs meet tube vocals, flanked by radio-compatible hooklines and a solid rhythm section. Inspired by icons of the music world of the 70s, the band rides the wave of the increasingly popular New Wave Of Classic Rock (NWOCR) movement.After their debut in 2018, Horsefly Rocket is now based on their second album with Hammond Organ Sounds. Bluesy riff rock meets southern rock paired with psychedelic influences.




Break The Ceiling

(Album) 02-23-2023

“Break The Ceiling” was hard work and was initially composed and recorded in pre-production in the band members’ improvised home studios during lockdown times. The traces were sent all around so that every member could give something. When the studios were accessible again, the band decided to go for the more professional recording options and went to four different studios to record the work. After some time, a product came out that differed stylistically from the first work to a large extent. Away from the classic hard rock, the band managed to refine their songwriting, to develop more and to dive into more complex song structures. Classic radio songs like “Cat Calls” or “Hold On” can also be found on the album. Basically, the band was expanded by the sound of the Hammond organ, which can be heard in almost every one of the ten songs. The first single “The Great Forsaker” will be released with video on January 6th, 2023. The second single “Cat Calls” will be released with video on January 27th, 2023 followed by the album on February 24th, 2023. It will be released digitally on all streaming platforms via Bug Valley Records distributed by Believe and physically through Bug Valley Records distributed by SPV Europe-wide.

Horsefly Rocket

(Debüt) 06-29-2018

“Slow-burning southern rocker from Germany which brings to mind squinty–eyed gunfighters in dusty ponchos blowing holes through dirty horse thieves under a relentless baking sun, but with giant stacks of amplifiers behind them.” (Classic Rock Magazine UK)

“The listener can expect an appealing and powerful mix of guitar-heavy classic rock with blues influences. The focal point are the excellent vocals by Kevin Holloway. You should definitely remember the name Horsefly Rocket! ” (Rock Hard Magazine)

“Stylistically, the “horse flying rocket” thunders clearly in the direction of heavy-caliber classic rock in the tradition of Bad Company, Thin Lizzy, 38th Special and co.” (Schall Magazine)

“we are listening to very high quality (mostly uptempo) modern melodic heavy rock, which features awesome guitarwork and stunning vocals by Kevin. He has got a strong voice and thankfully the songs included here and very well constructed and showing a lot of soul and melodies to remember. Recommended band to check out for sure.” (Shutter`zine NL)