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ROVAR from Münster, Germany play energetic, straight riff rock with bluesy influences, which is best enjoyed live. The 70s vibes cannot be ignored and yet the songs of the young trio are modern and fresh. If you are into honest, handmade rock music and feel like seeing a band making music on stage with passion, you should check out the guys from ROVAR for sure!




(Single) 27-11-2020

“No one can stop me now!” ROVAR’s single “Thirst” pulls you into a trip of fantasy, desire and euphoria. It’s about the incredible attraction to a person you meet for the very first time. An intoxicating state distorts the view. One’s own self plunges into conflict – vacillating between gnawing self-doubt and firm determination. In the end, the decision – as so often in life – lies solely with oneself. The three guys from ROVAR have thus taken their energetic EP up a notch – and not only in terms of the sheer energy that this power trio exudes. The band has also tweaked the songwriting and there is a clear development towards clearer structures and rounder songs. Nevertheless, ROVAR’s sound is still by no means tame and smooth. Playing their songs together in one room immediately creates an inimitable live feeling even when listening to the studio recordings, which seems to briefly bring the glorious 70s back to life. The band’s first full-length debut is coming in 2021 and will definitely be a must for lovers of honest, handmade rock music!


(EP) 10-30-2020

“Rock n ‘roll is not dead, but nothing like that! As long as there are very young, new bands who bring so much joy in playing, skills and drive and thus always sound fresh and cheeky, I definitely don’t worry! If you don’t feel anything, you really don’t have a pulse … “(Rama Tonstudio Mannheim)

[…] “a velvet wrecking ball of Heavy Rock. ROVAR‘s debut sounds like attending an intense Rock‘n Roll concert in a venue full of smoke.”(Magowave Reviews)

“The sound is pleasantly raw, earthy and unpolished […] The whole thing looks old-fashioned and old school in a sympathetic way, not artificial or forced, but natural.”(Legacy Magazine)


my summer video
my summer video
my summer video