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RAVENTADOR is a four-piece rock band from Germany. With their Southern Raven Rock they bring to the stage emotions that have become sound: anger, fear, pain and longing wrapped in a sound robe of grooving basses, pushing drums and a powerful interplay of blues and hard rock guitars. After their debut EP “From Ash and Embers” (2020) and the following singles, they not only set up camp in the playlists of the streaming jungle, but also found their place on the stages to infect the audience with their raven rock.



Lost Traces

(Album) 03-02-2023

After the EP “From Ash and Embers” in 2020 and the two successful singles “PORRM” (2021) and “Taste of Texas” (2021), the debut album of the four hard rockers will follow on February 3, 2023, three years after the band was founded.
“Lost Traces” brings together almost the entire spectrum of Raventador from the band’s founding to the present day. On November 11, 2022, Raventador will precede the album with the supporting stoner rock single “Angelwitch”, in which the arrangement and intensity will push every loudspeaker to its limits. On December 23rd, just in time for Christmas, they follow up with the inspiring ballad “Dream a while”, in which frontman Pit and the Thuringian singer JennaRot bring in their Cash & Carter influences. On the honest and handmade album, instruments such as bell rings and resonator guitars find their place just as much as hard guitar sounds and rough vocals. You can hear, feel and sense “Lost Traces”. It will be released digitally on all streaming platforms as well as physically in an elegant digipack via Bug Valley Records.