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Red County Jail

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Modern vintage rock. An announcement. The band that goes with it is called RED COUNTY JAIL! In times when digitalization and globalization are also advancing in the music industry, the honest attitude of the 5 exceptional musicians from Koblenz, Germany is a real blessing. Nothing is spurious here. The musical power of their recordings is even topped live, because they are a real, musical treat for all friends of hand-made music with power.

After their re-formation in 2018, the band around singer Steve Joachim (former Blind) has used the time to get fresh and new. Selected shows, among others at Reload Festival, Rocco del Schlacko Festival or the French friends of Stellar Temple have shown that the band now sounds better than ever. 

Somewhere between hard rock, vintage, stoner and the 2000s, Red County Jail find themselves with strong, catchy riffs and clear, sing-along choruses. Songwriter Seb also lets his British roots shine through again and again and is not afraid to go new ways with sounds and arrangements.



Up In Arms

(Album) 10-27-2023

The song “Up In Arms” tells the story of a person who, after the end of a deep relationship, realizes he is no longer capable of loving. It is an honest and empathetic expression of the confusion, pain, and uncertainty that accompany this loss.

Fuzzy Sally

(EP) 10-23-2020

“… on the Fuzzy Sally EP (you can)enjoy a mix of soulful-bluesy rock with good melodies, occasional gentle grunge references and an increasing modern hard rock drive over the course of the record.Despite the contemporary production, the sound is warm, almost old-schoolNote that goes well with the overall appearance of the plate. “ (Rock Hard)


my summer video
my summer video