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Red County Jail

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Modern vintage rock. An announcement. The band that goes with it is called RED COUNTY JAIL! In times when digitalization and globalization are also advancing in the music industry, the honest attitude of the 5 exceptional musicians from Koblenz, Germany is a real blessing. Nothing is spurious here. The musical power of their recordings is even topped live, because they are a real, musical treat for all friends of hand-made music with power.




Never Look Back

(Single) 20-11-2020

An ode to new beginnings. Never Look Back illuminates our synchronized world in a poetic way. Nobody dares to go other ways, everything is regulated and leaves little room for freedom. “Never Look Back” with the key message “Go, find your song” shows with force that it is worth breaking out of the ordinary and “doing your own thing”, developing your own identity. Copy and paste is boring as bright!

Fuzzy Sally

(EP) 10-23-2020

“… on the Fuzzy Sally EP (you can)enjoy a mix of soulful-bluesy rock with good melodies, occasional gentle grunge references and an increasing modern hard rock drive over the course of the record.Despite the contemporary production, the sound is warm, almost old-schoolNote that goes well with the overall appearance of the plate. “ (Rock Hard)


my summer video
my summer video